Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BoLeH KeNaL X??

Assalamualaikum semua...sebenarnya blog nih dh lama
pun ada cuma keterbatasan waktu yg xdapat memungkinkan aku untuk menulis kat sini..

Ngapa eh entry aku nih cam nak mengayat org jer bunyi nyer...like we always hear "tak kenal maka tak cinta".....so before aku mengaktifkan diri dalam dunia blog2 nih let me introduce myself.

LEYA ( a very simple name i think...cute and easy to remember)hehehheh...somehow im still
around 20++ huk3x...i'm married....( oh no....cant have bf anymore...hahahahah...) and i have a little kind cute and smart little boy( always pray everyday that he will be a great son (anak soleh) and of course a great muslim soon).Why that i'm saying my son is cute and smart...of course he is my son lol...hehehehe..no reason for that statement actually...already working in education department and holding a position that need to push my eyes to stay focusing the job on monitor likes 5 days every week....starting from 7.40 to 5...(im always back home late...sob3x).
im very good in hearing others problem,keeping secret for others,becomes unpaid counselor for others(this not coming from my mouth, this was words from friends to me...huhu...i guess quit good huk?)
im the 2nd child from 3 siblings...i have a great super duper yummy big brother mr alif rabani and the sweet and kind hearted gurl miss aqilah auni...my mom's was a teacher and my father was worked in plantation sector.the things u should get noted is im still love read
ing comics,watching cartoon and anime and buys cartoon and anime stuff.(now i have someone to share my interest with...of course my little boy).
im quit interested in the creative writing...i have done a lots poem and "cerpen".And some of it have been publish in newspapers or magazines...i was planning to mak
e this a serious agenda later...i got some great feedback from readers...i believe i have a hidden talent in writing...(perasan giler.....jgn korang muntah baca sudah...sian laptop korang...)
i guess enough for this moment of "boleh kenal x?" u already have a short "taklimat" from me..huhuhu...dont bored to follow okey?Thanks for dropping by...

Here some big and small of me...ahhahah...OH MY ENGLISH!!

LoTs Of LovE,